Saturday, March 26, 2011

Boutique Sample Box

Be contributor in our next Boutique Sample Box


Every month I put together sample boxes with samples that I have received from
contributors.   The Sample Boxes go out filled with fabulous samples to potential
buyers who may not know your wonderful products and they get to try before they
buy.  Once the potential buyers try your samples and fall in love with them they
will place an order directly with you on your website.

It is such a successful way to put your products into the hands of potential customers
plus it drives business to your website.  It is my goal to help you succeed by
your shop and by putting your products into the hands of customers.

There is no cost to you to participate.  The only cost to you will be your samples
and sending them to me.  I do require a minimum of  10 samples. You may send as
many as you wish.  The more samples you send in, the more customers will receive
your samples and the potential for more sales. 

You will receive free advertising of your business on my website and blog plus
listed on the contributor page with a link to your website.

To become a contributor -  Sign up Here